Housing Specialist ERAP (Temporary, One Year) ILGR


TITLE:  Housing Specialist (Temporary, One Year) – Independent Living of the Genesee Region

DESCRIPTION:  To assist individuals to apply for, and navigate, the programs and services offered through Independent Living, including but not limited to coordinating housing evaluations and program options for persons experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness.


  1.  Meet with individuals to assess housing statuses and their involvement with applicable public benefits. Inform individuals about various programs and provide benefits advisement.
  2. Determine eligibility for the ERAP program and complete the required documentation, entering all necessary data into the NYS portal and applicable data management systems.
  3.  Coordinate budget plans for housing consumers.
  4. Provide peer counseling to persons with disabilities, their family members and advocates for the purpose of identifying life goals, objectives and values.
  5. Assist with employment seeking goals.
  6.  Intervene, at the request of the individual, in crisis situations with agencies and service programs.
  7. Conduct inspections of housing rental units to determine eligibility for Rapid Rehousing Consumers using HUD guidelines. Conduct home and building architectural barrier consultation, utilizing federal and state guidelines on disabilities.
  8. Act as a liaison with housing consumers and landlords, ensuring timely payments and mediating to prevent eviction when possible.
  9. Identify housing options and rental units throughout the Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming County areas.
  10. Provide other assistance necessary to help individual’s secure suitable living arrangements.
  11. Accurately document consumer services and required paperwork in WNYIL’s ECR database within two (2) business days of the date of service.
  12. Participate in maintaining a neat, clean and safe work environment.
  13. Perform other duties deemed legally and ethically necessary by the Director of ILGR.

SUPERVISION:  Works under the direct supervision of the Director of ILGR.

STANDARDS OF PERFORMANCE:  Must, at all times, perform in a professional, conscientious and efficient manner for the purpose of ensuring a better quality of life for persons with disabilities.


  • Must possess a Bachelor's or an Associate’s Degree related to human services, with work experience related to same.
  • Work experiences can be substituted for the educational requirements.
  • Selected candidate should possess knowledge of persons with disabilities, as well as federal and state laws pertaining to the rights of persons with disabilities.
  • Ability to travel independently throughout the three (3) County service regions is needed (Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming).
  •  Selected candidate must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, plus have good organization and analytical skills.
  • A desire to advocate for the rights of others is essential.
  • Professional and life experience may be considered in lieu of, in full or part of academic credentials.
  • Residents of the Genesee, Orleans, Wyoming counties are encouraged to apply.


Western New York Independent Living, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Reasonable accommodations will be made for people with disabilities.

Western New York Independent Living, Inc. is a Scent-Free organization.


SALARY:  $38,000 Annual Salary with One-Year Completion Bonus of $4000

CLOSING DATE:  May 7, 2021


Tina Brown, CHRCO
WNY Independent Living, Inc.
3108 Main St.
Buffalo, NY 14214