Accounting: CDPAS Accountant


TITLE:  Accounting: CDPAS Accountant

DESCRIPTION:  Responsible for the oversight of the Consumer Directed Personal Attendant Services (CDPAS) accounting program. Includes CDPAS accounts receivable, billing for services, payroll, state cost report completion, and supervision of six CDPAS accounting staff.


1.  CDPAS Accounts Receivable:

  • Tracking receivables and investigating outstanding receivables.
  • Tracking incurred services, including hours paid to PAs that exceed authorized limits, incurred hours related to spend-down issues, and incurred hours related to any other issues.
  • Oversee the application of payments in CDPAS QuickBooks by CDPAS accounting personnel.
  • Import all CDPAS invoices into QuickBooks bi-weekly for each pay period.

2.  CDPAS Billing:

  • Ensure that all receivables are billed in a timely fashion. Includes the rebilling for services for any original billings denied due to authorization problems.
  • Separate co-op hours for consumers to prepare accurate and timely billing.
  • Tracking the reimbursement rates by State Medicaid and various MCOs/MLTCs; making adjustments when appropriate.

3.  CDPAS Payroll:

  • Oversee the generation of a bi-weekly payroll register.
  • Oversee the Care-Time call-in system, including any upgrades or changes to the system.
  • Prepare schedule of overlapping hours worked by PAs and make payroll register adjustments, where applicable.
  • Ensure the import of each payroll register into the CDPAS QuickBooks software for the conversion of invoices in the account receivables ledger.

4.  CDPAS Cost Reports:

• Responsible for oversight of the annual cost reports due to New York State for each county in which WNYIL provides CDPAS services.
• Works in tandem with the CFO and Contracts Accountant for the generation of these reports.
• Properly allocate revenue to the various counties in the program.
• Oversee the allocation of costs to the various counties.
• Track hours of service by each county in the program.
• Track the tiers for consumers based on hours of service authorized per month.

5.  CDPAS Supervision: Responsible for the approval of personal time off, the review and corrections of time and attendance logs, and evaluation of six (6) Taking Control accounting staff:

  • Assistant to the CDPAS Accountant (1)
  • MCO Quality Assurance Specialist (2)
  • Medicaid Quality Assurance and Payroll Specialist (1)
  • Billing Specialist (2)

6.  Other Duties:

  • Oversee the maintenance of the consumer eligibility list in ePACES.
  • Post ACH transactions pertaining to the CDPAS program to the agency QuickBooks software.
  • Convert weekly State Medicaid cycle reimbursements to Excel for proper recording of the receivables into CDPAS QuickBooks.
  • Prepare monthly ACH log for the CEO, documenting all Agency revenue received via ACH deposits to Agency bank accounts.
  • Prepare and forward bi-weekly reports of overtime hours paid to PAs in the program.

7.  Participate in maintaining a neat, clean and safe work environment.

8.  Perform any other duties as deemed legally and ethically necessary by the supervisor.

SUPERVISION:  Works under the direct supervision of the Chief Financial Officer.

STANDARDS OF PERFORMANCE:  Must at all times perform in a professional, conscientious, and efficient manner.

QUALIFICATIONS:  The successful candidate will possess:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Accounting.
  • At least five (5) years of experience in the accounting field.
  • Supervision experience is preferred.
  • Must be able to read and verbalize printed materials.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and database programs is essential.

WNY Independent Living, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Reasonable Accommodations will be made for people with disabilities.

WNY Independent Living, Inc. is a Scent-Free Agency.

SALARY RANGE:  $55,000 to $60,000

CLOSING DATE:  January 21, 2021


Tina Brown, CHRCO
WNY Independent Living, Inc.
3108 Main St.
Buffalo, NY 14214