Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Services (CDPAS) Program Payroll Telephone Liaison

DESCRIPTION:  Responsible for monitoring all phone correspondence in the payroll sector of the CDPAS Accounting Department.


  1. Responsible for all incoming phone calls regarding payroll questions in the CDPAS department, to include questions regarding:
    a. Hours worked.
    b. Missing hours in pay (shortages in pay).
    c. Employee changes of pertinent payroll information, such as: allowances, address changes, direct deposit information and any other necessary updates.
    d. Any other payroll questions from Consumers or Personal Assistants.
  2. Return all Consumers’ and Personal Assistants' phone calls, regarding the same issues above, within 24 hours of initial contact.
  3. Bill for CDPAS services using approved software.
  4. Maintain CDPAS database, by consumer and pay period, to include billing and reimbursement dates.
  5. Maintain and update eligibility list bi-monthly.
  6. Perform any other duties as deemed necessary by the supervisor.
  7. Participate in maintaining a neat, clean, and safe work environment.

SUPERVISION:  Works under the supervision of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

STANDARDS OF PERFORMANCE:  Must at all times perform in a professional, conscientious, and efficient manner for the purpose of ensuring a better quality of life for persons with disabilities.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Must possess a High School Diploma or equivalent, with a minimum of six months’ (6) experience in basic bookkeeping and/or clerical skills. Must be able to read and verbalize printed materials, as well as successfully using the computer. Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite is essential.

Reasonable accommodations will be made for persons with disabilities.

Western New York Independent Living, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Western New York Independent Living, Inc. is a Scent Free Organization.

SALARY RANGE:  $32,000 - $33,500

CLOSING DATE:  July 22, 2020


Tina Brown, CHRCO
WNY Independent Living, Inc.
3108 Main St.
Buffalo, NY 14214