TITLE:  ILC - Open Doors Transition Specialist

DESCRIPTION:  Assists individuals in re-entry from institutional settings to the community. The Open-Doors Transition Specialist will facilitate and coordinate, for individuals residing in institutions, a comprehensive plan to re-enter the community.


  1. Receives referrals from the Open Doors Coordinator and ensures the community re-entry process is followed through for each consumer.
  2. Provides counseling and information for individuals and families who are considering, or are in the process of, re-entry into the community.
  3. Coordinates visits to institutions, provides potential participants with unbiased information regarding available home and community-based services, participates in discharge planning, and coordinates with other relevant social services agencies involved in the discharge and transition-care of the consumer.
  4. Develops and facilitates person-centered plans effective for the 90-day transition period, secures qualified housing, coordinates home and community-based services during the transition period, and subsequently ensures continuation of services after the 90-day transition period is completed.
  5. Collaborates with the consumer, social worker and other supports to determine barriers to community re-entry.
  6. Assists in addressing barriers related to medical conditions or counseling needs.
  7. Ensures all significant consumer data and service provision details are current and accurate, and that they are documented in a timely manner into WNYIL’s electronic consumer record, as well as the contracted providers’ databases.
  8. Assists in recruiting Peers to provide support to individuals who are in the process of community re-entry.
  9. Promotes the Good Neighbor program for additional community supports.
  10. Attends Agency trainings and department meetings, as well as any other Agency-related activities.
  11. Participates in maintaining a neat, clean and safe work environment.
  12. Performs any other duties as deemed legally and ethically necessary by the supervisor.

SUPERVISION:  Work under the direct supervision of the Director of Independent Living Services.

STANDARD OF PERFORMANCE:  Must at all times perform in a professional, conscientious, and efficient manner for the purpose of ensuring a better quality of life for persons with disabilities.

QUALIFICATIONS:  The successful candidate will posses:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Human Services, or related field;


  1. Associate’s Degree and three (3) years’ relevant experience working with community-based, long-term care projects, or working with other comparable work experience in a private setting.


  1. Working knowledge of issues faced by persons of all ages who are in need of long-term care services, particularly with those related to nursing home transition.
  2. Possess a deep commitment to person-centered planning and consumer choice.
  3. Firm understanding of Medicaid eligibility and coverage, as well as 1915(c) Medicaid waivers.
  4. Possess excellent written, oral and organizational skills.
  5. Must be computer literate, with proficiency in Microsoft Office and basic internet navigation.
  6. Experience working with individuals with disabilities is preferred.


Western New York Independent Living, Inc. is  an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Reasonable accommodations will be made for people with disabilities.

Western New YorkIndependent Living, Inc. is a scent-free Agency.


SALARY RANGE:  $33,000 to $35,000

CLOSING DATE:  April 23, 2021


Tina Brown, CHRCO

WNY Independent Living, Inc.

3108 Main St.

Buffalo, NY 14214