Cheryl Davidson Honorarium Award Nominee Solicitation Form

Cheryl Davidson began working at Mental Health Peer Connection on June 6th, 2007, until her unexpected death in early 2013.
Cheryl spent the last 7 years sharing her life experiences with her peers, as well as people she encountered here at Western New York Independent Living, INC. She had a "special bond" with the women she served; always hopeful and inspired that they, too, could recover from mental illness, substance abuse and any other challenges that life may present. Her work didn't begin in June of 2007, and didn't end when she left to go home every day at 5:00 p.m. Davidson spent over 20 years recovering with a foundation that is based on the mindset that recovery also involves helping one another to overcome obstacles and sustaining a positive lifestyle. Through her faith she prevailed; not only for herself but also for those she served.
Cheryl never gave up on others, even when they tried to give up on themselves. Her faithful and humble heart allowed her to never look down on anyone. Her love and kindness always endured and stretched to those that seemed unreachable to the average person. Far from average is the exception...and Cheryl proved to be an Extraordinary Person.
Cheryl set a standard of living and recovery that MHPC staff and we all could follow and learn from today. It is because of Cheryl's supportive memory that we give this award to another honorarium, who exemplifies the characteristics that Cheryl displayed.
If you know of such a person who deserves this acknowledgement, please submit their name and reason(s) why they should receive this award.

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