Snapshot of MHPC 2017 Impact on fellow people we served with behavioral health issues, just like us, in Erie County, New York

Work Support

In 2017, 429 people with mental health issues set goals of obtaining employment. We, as Peers, having our own work trials and tribulations, assisted 23% in obtaining their goal and where working more than 90 days and over 15 hours a week.

Benefits Advisement related to Health and other Independent Living Skills

In 2017, 344 people with mental health issues requested MHPC for benefit advisement assistance, knowing we too had to deal with benefits. 85% of these people determined their benefits to address benefits in an effective manner.

Life Coaching

In 2017, 345 people with behavioral health issues set goals with MHPC to improve some aspect of their life.  As all MHPC Peers can relate to this in their own recovery.  All individuals served completed a pre-and post-test Quality of Life test, of these individuals 45% indicated an improved quality of life.

Erie County Medical Center, Behavioral Health Units

In 2017, MHPC Peers located in the hospital shared the Peer perspective of hope and recovery to over 2,400 patients. 1500 patients were referred to Peer Services upon hospital discharge. 265 Peer support groups were facilitated by MHPC peers.

Crisis Services Mobile Transition Team

In 2017, this team consisting of Licensed Qualified Health Professionals worked hand in hand with MHPC Peers to assist over 135 individuals with multiple psychiatric admissions and serious suicide attempts to prevent future occurrences. 79% succeeded in this and there were no fatalities.

Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP’s)

In 2017, MHPC assisted 260 fellow Peers in developing the own WRAP, an evidenced based practice, developed by Mary Ellen Copeland. This assisted individuals in developing their own wellness tools, sharing with fellow MHPC peers, to prevent having a Crisis.

Addict to Addict, and Family to Family

Peers assist in providing the first steps in recovery from addiction. And families receiving support in assisting their loved ones. MHPC Peers work alongside the Doctors and the ECMC Addiction Unit in their Emergency Department. Our MHPC Enhancement Peers have touched hundreds of lives.

Support Groups

MHPC host numerous self-help, support groups and community forums. Run and lead by Peers from MHPC and Peers from the community.  The group decides on the name, guidelines, meeting place and time. For our current list of groups GO HERE.

Mission Statement
The Mental Health Peer Connection is a peer-driven advocacy organization dedicated to facilitating self-directed growth, wellness and choice through genuine peer mentoring. 

Our Vision
"Peers Empowering Peers Together"

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