Education, Empowerment, and Equality for People with Disabilities

OAHIIO is a nonprofit Independent Living Center (ILC) that is staffed and governed by Native Americans with disabilities.

It is a part of the WNY Independent Living, Inc. (WNYIL), a family of agencies and is a catalyst for systems and individual change, enhancing the quality of life for persons with disabilities, while respecting diversity and promoting choices and alternative for independent living in our societies.



OAHIIO brochure

  • Independent Living Specialist

    The Native American Independent Living Specialist provides assistance and instruction to Native Americans wishing to learn or relearn daily living skills. These could consist of matters such as managing family activities, household chores, work tasks and education assignments through the use of tools, techniques and assistive technology for greater independence.

  • Native American Student Educational
    Supports Specialist

    Native American Student Educational Supports Specialist provides consultation and advocacy services to Native American Indian students with disabilities, and their families, throughout WNY. This program was created to assist the Native Indian student in ensuring their rights while navigating the educational system.

  • Native American Independent Living
    Demonstration (NAILD) Project

    OAHIIO is the proud recipient of the Native American Independent Living Demonstration Project NAILD. There were only 3 of these grants awarded in the entire country and Western New York Independent Living is proud to be one of them! This grant is intended to develop capacity building within existing centers for Independent Living to increase service to individuals with disabilities in Indian Country. We seek to gain understanding of service needs of Native Americans living with disabilities living on and off reservations in Western New York. We realize that our native populations differ greatly from urban to rural, as well as throughout each of the different nations that reside within New York State and the surrounding area. We embrace the diversity among Native Americans and wish to help them improve the quality of life.

     As part of the demonstration project we seek to improve cultural competence regarding the needs of specific tribal organizations. Meaning, we are willing to work with Nation Leaders to collaborate our efforts with the Independent Living philosophy, in a way that promotes diversity, cultural understanding and sensitivity and helps to capture lessons and best practices for other independent living centers to utilize for service delivery. If you know someone who could benefit from OAHIIO’s program please feel free to refer them to our program.

    Corinne Abrams ext. 262

    Engagement and Referral Program Leader

    OAHIIO “The Good Path”



  • Benefits Advisement

    A program designed to assist people in obtaining/ maintaining government benefits in order to manage their disability. Benefits advisements provide information & referral, advocacy, and peer counseling in obtaining SSI, SSDI, Social Services (Health Insurance, Food Stamps, Cash Assistance) benefits and maintaining them.

  • Advocacy

    Staff uses foundational knowledge of area agencies and community entities to aid consumers in obtaining their rights.

  • Independent Living Skills Instructions

    Staff coach consumers to improve daily living skills, financial management and information about availability of relevant assistive technologies.

  • Information and Referral

    Staff provides guidance to consumers to by identifying available resources, providing answers to their concerns and linking them to culturally sensitive service providers.

  • Native American Peer Support

    Native American Indians with disabilities, peers, assist other Native Americans with disabilities by sharing practical experiences.

Special Thanks to United Way of Greater Niagara for their 2015-2016 contribution to services and programs offered through OAHIIO!! Go to their webpage to see all of the great things that the United Way of Niagara contributes does to impact the lives of those living in Niagara County!



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473 Third Street, Niagara Falls, New York 14301  Phone: (716) 284-4204  Fax: (716) 834-5647  Toll-free: 1-800-348-8399

Toll-free: 1-800-348-8399

Special Thanks to the United Way of Greater Niagara for their contribution to OAHIIO's Programs and Services in 2015-2016!