10th Annual Mental Health Awareness Month Observance and Flash Mob

Independent Perspective 1748 with Michelle Scheib and Lisa Maria Cruz on the 10th Annual Mental Health Awareness Month Observance and Flash Mob  

Host:  Welcome to Independent Perspective, a public affairs presentation of Western New York Independent Living (WNYIL). Our guests today are Michelle Scheib, Director of Independent Living at Niagara County (ILNC). And Lisa Maria Cruz, Outreach Peer Support Specialist with Mental Health PEER Connection (MHPC). And I'm your host, Ernie Churchwell. Welcome to the program, folks. 

Guests: Thank you for having us. 

Host: It's our pleasure. You're here because there’s an event in the offing in just a matter of days. The Mental Health Awareness Month and Flash Mob that our agency, among others, is intimately concerned with. And first step perhaps somebody could tell us why there's a need for an event of this sort. What's going on in society that calls for it? 

Guest 1: So, May is Mental Health Awareness month, it is a time to raise community awareness about local mental health resources and to break down the stigma associated with mental illness and to heal as a community. 

Host: What's the main statistic about how many families have at least one member with mental health issues? 

Guest 2: That's like one in five actually. 

Host: That's what I had heard. And, but this event is meant to call attention to that. If you can mention who some of our other partners are in the Awareness Month and Flash Mob? 

Guest 1: Of course, so the main person who is as main agencies Restoration Society, Inc. Then we have Wellness at the Central Library. We have Partnership for the Public Good, Erie County Restorative Justice, Buffalo Peacemakers, Buffalo Urban League, Community Canvas, Mental Health Empowerment Project, WNYIL, MHPC, and Wellness Collaboration New York Independent Practice Association. 

Host: Wow, that's a lot of community participation in this event, I dare say. So that people will have something to focus on. Could you give us the date, time, and place? 

 Guest 1: Yes, so the date is Thursday, May 11 from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the Central Library at 1 Lafayette Square in downtown Buffalo, right in front and inside the main concourse. 

Host: Alright and what time does the flashmob take place? 

Guest 1: So, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. We're going to be having DJ Todd, bring the vibes and come bust a move with your peers. And then we're also going to have a performance from Storm Young at the same time. 

Host: Terrific, and how will people know who the participants are? 

Guest 2: We will be wearing lime green. 

Host: Alright. 

Guest 2: Bring your lime green t-shirt and join us. 

Host: Terrific. What are some of the other activities that are part of this event? 

Guest 1: We are going to have Erie County Restorative Justice Coalition, Community Circle for Teens and for everyone there. We're going to have where people are able to tell their stories, poetry or recovery storytelling. We're going to have positive free writing, road recovery and music sessions. We're going to have the Quizmaster Dennis George game show. We're going to have a chess academy, rock painting and raffles so there will be many things for people to do, and it's free. 

Guest 2: I will be sharing my recovery story because I can definitely show that it's possible to thrive while living with a mental health issue. 

Host: Wonderful, and we're very glad that you can and I'm sure people could use a refresher as to when and where it takes place and is there a phone number they can call to get more information? 

Guest 1: Yes, so it is May 11 from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the downtown library, 1 Lafayette Square. And if you need more information, you can call Restoration Society, 716-832-2141. 

Host: Thanks so much for being with us, folks. You've been listening to Independent Perspective, a public affairs presentation of WNYIL. Our guests today were Michelle Scheib, Director of ILNC, and Lisa Maria Cruz, Outreach Peer Support Specialist at MHPC, and I've been your host, Ernie Churchwell.