NYS Minimum Wage

NYS Department of LaborAttention Miscellaneous Industry Employees

Minimum Wage hourly rates effective
12/31/2022 – 12/30/2023

Remainder of New York State (outside of New York City, Long Island and Westchester County)

Minimum Wage: $14.20

Overtime after 40 hours: $21.30

Tipped workers: $14.20

Overtime after 40 hours: $21.30

If you have questions, need more information or want to file a complaint, please visit www.labor.ny.gov/minimumwage or call: 1-888-469-7365.

Credits and Allowances that may reduce your pay below the minimum wage rates shown above:

  • Tips – Beginning December 31, 2020, your employer must pay the full applicable minimum wage rate, and cannot take any tip credit.
  • Meals and lodging – Your employer may claim a limited amount of your wages for meals and lodging that they provide to you, as long as they do not charge you anything else. The rates and requirements are set forth in wage orders and summaries, which are available online.

Extra Pay you may be owed in addition to the minimum wage rates shown above:

  • Overtime – You must be paid 1½ times your regular rate of pay (no less than amounts shown above) for weekly hours over 40 (or 44 for residential employees).

Exceptions: Overtime is not required for salaried professionals, or for executives and administrative staff whose weekly salary is more than 75 times the minimum wage rate.

  • Call-in pay – If you go to work as scheduled and your employer sends you home early, you may be entitled to extra hours of pay at the minimum wage rate for that day.
  • Spread of hours – If your workday lasts longer than ten hours, you may be entitled to extra daily pay. The daily rate is equal to one hour of pay at the minimum wage rate.
  • Uniform maintenance – If you clean your own uniform, you may be entitled to additional weekly pay. The weekly rates are available online.

LS 207 (11/22)